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3 min readOct 6, 2022

A holy grail to personal finance, financial freedom, and the road to retirement is arguably passive income. Achieving financial freedom is not easy; however, it is also neither too hard if we do it the right way.

3percent understands the cruciality of passive income and aims to help our customers build a steady stream of passive income and become the world’s most preferred passive income source by filling the gap that other asset types have failed to address. We would like to be your friend in generating steady stream of passive income.

Trading bot has been one of the most powerful tools to simplify investing while making profit. In this article, 3percent will share with you reasons why you should opt in for a trading bot, especially in the crypto world.

3percent offers an AI-powered trading bot. Our first step is in crypto space as we see the growth opportunity of this challenging market.

  1. 3percent’s trading bot has proven track record

It has been proven that trading performance of a trading bot is better than human since the concept of trading bot has been introduced to the market, such as stocks market where the market price are mostly controlled by humans.

Among the high volatility of the market, 3percent has proven that our trading bot can still constantly generate positive returns for our valued customers even during the times when BTC price fell steeply.

2. Trading bots have no emotions

Bots make decision purely based on numbers and maths behind. When no emotions are involved in making decisions, there will be no such actions like panic buying or selling when value plunged rapidly.

Crypto market is such a volatile market where asset value fluctuates all the time. Therefore, 3percent takes our first step into crypto market. We aim to generate 3% ROI to our customers monthly.

3. Trading bots are workaholic

People can do day trade as a job, but we as humans will still have to sleep, eat, and rest. However, trading bots do not. It can operate 24/7 without having to rest.

3percent trading bot trades 24/7, on your behalf, which is a perfect match for crypto market, where the market operates 24/7 as well.

4. Trading bots are easy to use, especially 3percent’s

Integrating trading bot to your account to trade on your behalf is another level of convenience. You don’t have to be an expert in trading. We ensure that we try to bring our best trading performance to our customers. You can choose your preferred trading options based on your preference and risk appetite.

3percent only charges commission when we generate positive return on a monthly basis. Customers can be worry-less about having to always pay fixed amount in a fixed period of time. 3percent would like to grow with all of you.

The steps to start trading with 3percent are very simple. Start trading on your first trading month for free! You can refer to this article, or our website,

5. With 3percent trading bot, your money is 100% safe

Some of you might be concerned about safety with planning to opt in for a trading bot as sometimes you might have to put your money in a position that the bot can have the power to move your assets around to different places.

With 3percent, your money is 100% in your own wallet as our bot only trades via read-only API. Worry less as your money is 100% safe. You can always opt out without losing anything as all your money is under your control.

Looking forward to have you opt in with our trading bot service with at

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