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2 min readSep 14, 2022

3percent wants trading to be easy and accessible by everyone, and we would like to be the tool to help you earn more income through passive income.

3percent is an AI-powered trading bot that aims to generate 3% ROI monthly for our customers. We aim to help you build a steady stream of passive income and become the world’s most preferred passive income source.

Our 3percent trading bot has proven to be generating positive returns constantly even in conditions that market prices fell steeply in bear markets.

It is very easy to start trading with 3percent, simple 3 steps.

  1. Sign up with 3percent here
  2. Deposit $USDT in your account (your invested capital is 100% safe in your account)
  3. Connect to 3percent trading bot with your exchange account through read-only API
  4. Start earning passive income with 3percent!

Worry less with 3percent. Your money is completely safe as our trading bot trades on your behalf, 24/7. 3percent can never complete other actions, such as withdrawal, apart from trading (buy&sell assets). Therefore, your money is 100% safe and will always be under your account. There is 0% runaway risk with 3percent.

3percent strongly believes in transparency. All trading transactions and orders placed can be seen in your history. Customers can always see real time transactions and orders placed at which price and what quantity.

For more information, please visit our website at Start your first month trading for free!

Looking forward to having you as our customers.

— 3percent team



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