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3 min readOct 10, 2021

It has been more than 1 year since 3percent officially launched on August 1st, 2020. We have achieved a trading volume of 100mn USD and attained customers from more than 10 countries. Most importantly, we have successfully delivered the 36% cumulative profit to our customers in our first year.

We kept our R&D constantly to upgrade our trading algorithms to better serve our customers, and we have recently launched 3percent trading bot v2.0 that was harshly stress-tested for 6 mos. from last March to August during which the Bitcoin price dropped significantly by 60% from $65,000 to $28,000.

The performance of the new trading bot has been much superior to that of the previous one in terms of both profit and risk management. The new bot has generated 20% profit over the past 6 months while the previous version made 6% because of the severe Bitcoin price fall in May. The new bot is designed and proven to cover up to 60% price drop (c.f. previous bot only covered 30% drop) of an asset resulting in our sample customers’ account balance fluctuating much less than before through the high market volatility.

Here’s how our upgraded DCA bot is better than the previous one.

The bot now runs with a much lower downside risk than before while keeping the same range of target profit (3% monthly ROI).

1. Wider intervals between purchase orders
The bot systematically applies intervals between each purchase order to minimize the downside risk, and now the intervals are widened to cover larger price drops.

2. The lower the purchase price, the bigger the purchase order size
Compared to the previous version where the purchase orders were identical in terms of size, v2 bot purchase order size gets bigger as it follows the price drop to accelerate lowering the Dollar-Cost Average (DCA). Through this method, the new trading bot manages to achieve the target profit from roughly 20% smaller price fluctuation, triggering more trading transactions which lead to higher cumulative profit.

3. A shift from a single asset trading to portfolio trading (Gold membership required)
We have explored other major crypto assets to optimize profit and risk management schemes. We have analyzed the price volatility and fundamentals of the top 10 crypto assets in terms of the market cap and succeeded in creating and validating the advanced trading bot that can trade 3–5 assets simultaneously as a portfolio. The portfolio trading is available for Gold members and above.

4. Target profit optimized for different assets
We have tested different target profit % to optimize the ROI and risk management scheme and came up with different target profit % for different trading assets.

Although 3percent extensively utilizes tons of data and strategies mentioned above, the fund that our bot manages will still likely experience short-term volatility at times. Nevertheless, through those bumps, we believe that your portfolio can recover much more quickly compared to those investments with a similar risk level that don’t maximize returns. Soon enough, you will experience our slogan: Safe, Steady, and Significant returns.

If you sign up for 3percent via this link, your first trading month will be commission FREE. We hope that you join us now and experience the best passive income generator ever.

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