How 3percent makes 3% avg. profit per month in such a volatile crypto market

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5 min readNov 7, 2020

There are 3 important characteristics that an investor looks for when it comes to investment options for passive income. Safe, Steady, yet Significant! Which is 3percent’s slogan. For the last 11 months, in a very volatile crypto market, the 3percent AI trading bot has delivered on average a 3% monthly return, which cumulates to a 36% annual return. And the company is confident in making a similar profit level in the future through the AI bot, which gets smarter by adding more market data.

So, how does 3percent keep that slogan in such a volatile crypto market? In short, 3percent does this by utilizing past market data and swiftly reacting to the present market for optimal profit and risk management.

1. Past market data analysis

1) Analyzing 30+ financial indicators

One of the main concerns that many investors have in their minds is ‘How do I know at what price I have to purchase an asset to make a profit? Is this price cheap? Or will the price keep falling?’ 3percent analyzes 30+ financial indicators to determine the long-term trend (hours) as well as a short-term trend (minutes). This analysis is conducted constantly, and the result is sent to the AI trading bot to help it identify the trading entry point.

2) Scalping

Another question that many investors have is ‘Now my asset is profitable. So, when to sell? How much % profit should I aim for?’ To determine the profitable exit point, 3percent analyzes the volatility of the crypto asset. Because the price of any crypto fluctuates significantly, the past data has implicated that we have to pursue a relatively low profit per trade to maximize the number of trades and gains while minimizing the downside risk and taking advantage of the high volatility.
So, 3percent bot always aims for 3 % monthly ROI. No more.

2. Responding to the current market situation

If a fund manager tells you that he or she knows for sure what the best price to buy the asset is and they always make a profit, please reconsider investing your capital with this fund manager. Because no matter how much market data you analyze, the data is about the past. Past data should only be a tool to judge the current market situation, it cannot be the crystal ball to predict the future.

1) Dollar-cost averaging (DCA): Risk management strategy

DCA is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total capital to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. 3percent uses the strategy in a slightly different way. The company doesn’t follow the periodic purchase scheme, rather it triggers multiple batches (90+) of buy order when the price goes down to lower the average buy price. Let’s take a look at the two cases below.

i) Buy BTC with all capital at once (BTC price = 12,850 USD)

As you can see in the above table, a fund manager is sure that the current BTC is undervalued and decides to invest all capital in one batch and aim for a 10% profit. If the BTC price goes straight up to 14,135.13 that’s fantastic, the manager just made a 10% profit for you. But trading is not just a one-time gamble. If the manager keeps trading this way, then at some point, the BTC price will go in the opposite direction, and an investor will have to go through the painful waiting period for the BTC price to recover to the required price to make a profit.

ii) DCA buy BTC with 10 batches
(BTC price = 12,850 USD, Batch deviation = 1%)

3percent uses a DCA strategy like in the above table. In the above scenario, 3percent spends the same USD amount (10,000 USD) to purchase BTC as in case 1. However, the purchase is done with 10 different batches with a 1% price deviation, so the average price, in this case, is only 12,260.75, not 12,850.12. Thus, the required price to make a 10% profit is 13,486.82, not 14,135.13, which is a significant price difference of 5%. This is just an illustration to simplify the strategy to help you understand easily. In fact, 3percent splits the fund into 90+ batches, and the deviation is a lot narrower to complete as many transactions as possible. This strategy ensures the price drop risk is minimized and the number of transactions is maximized, to generate Safe, Steady, yet Significant profit.

2) Running long & short positions simultaneously

3percent does not speculate on the crypto market. In fact, the company takes long & short positions flexibly depending on the situation. When taking short positions (BTC price tends to drop), the company also utilizes a DCA strategy in the opposite direction to the above table along with market trend analysis.

Even if 3percent utilizes the above analysis data and strategies, the fund will likely still experience short-term volatility at times. But, through those bumps, we believe that your portfolios can recover more quickly compared to investments with a similar risk level that don’t maximize returns. In the end, you will experience our slogan. Safe, Steady, yet Significant profit!

If you sign up for 3percent with this link, your first trading month commission fee will be waived. I hope that you join this new passive income wealth management solution.

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