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3 min readApr 24, 2022

3percent team relentlessly tries to improve its product and to maximize the customer experience. Over the last 8 months of R&D, we’ve upgraded our product from 3 major aspects, and we are happy to announce that those three will be implemented as of May 1st , 2022.

1. Trading bot upgraded for Portfolio Trading

It’s been 8 months since we first launched 3percent trading bot v2.0, which has been available only for Gold membership or above. Since then, we have closely monitored the performance of the new algorithm and confirmed the clear performance gap between the BTC-only trading bot and the Portfolio (multiple crypto assets) trading bot.

Through the entire period, the performance of the Portfolio trading bot has been much superior to that of BTC-only trading bot. Thus, we will implement the portfolio trading strategy even to Silver membership to maximize the trading profit. Below table shows the selected crypto assets to be traded for different investment sizes.

These crypto assets are those with the largest market caps which have their own native blockchain technologies with high growth potentials. We have tested trading these top market cap tokens, and the performance has been stable enough to introduce to our customers. We will keep monitoring the fundamentals of these assets, and if necessary, we will change and adjust the portfolio composition to maximize profits and minimize downside risk.

2. Membership expansion to Diamond & Enterprise

Some of our current Black member customers have requested us to create memberships higher than the Black to reduce further their commission fees. We heard and responded to them! We have added 2 more membership levels to cater customers with big tickets. Below table shows our updated plans.

3. Website renewal and Beta launching

This is the milestone project that many of our current & potential customers have asked us for long. Our customers can now log into our website and access all the necessary transactions and interactions at their best convenience. Here is a sneak peek!

As you can see, each customer can log-in with one’s own ID & PW to check the previous bot trading performances and referral bonus receipt history. Also, the commission fees are viewable and payable through the website. We’ve also made the sign-up and onboarding process clearer and easier to follow.
There are much more information/data to be shown in each customer’s dashboard, so stay tuned for the Beta launch day!

As always, we try our best to deliver our core value: Safe, Steady, and Significant returns.

If you sign up for 3percent via this link, your first trading month will be commission FREE. We hope that you join us now and experience the best passive income generator ever.

Thank you very much,
3percent team



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