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4 min readNov 7, 2020

Like many of you, we have worked for companies to pay our bills for more than a decade. However, with the recent global Covid19 pandemic, companies started cutting their costs, in particular laying off 10% to 50% of employees, making us realize that we might be on the list of lay-offs next time. This insecurity made us ask, ‘how can we achieve financial freedom?’

There are two main ways to achieve financial freedom. One way is through active income from proactive engagement(e.g. 9–6 full-time job, etc.), the other way is through passive income by investing your capital into growing asset(s). Most of us already have jobs but want to have passive income as much as possible.

3percent is a passive income wealth management Software as a Service (SaaS). The company provides a data-driven AI-powered crypto trading bot that consistently generates a 3% average profit per month. There is already a number of customers enjoying the 3% average passive monthly income, and you can find their testimonials on the 3percent official website.

So, what is special about 3percent? Why do people choose 3percent instead of traditional passive income options, such as investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), or buying properties to rent out? We can find the answers by looking at four important categories you should consider when choosing passive income options.

1. Risk

1) Runaway or default risk

Traditional financial institutions or similar agents require you to deposit your capital into their account, exposing you to unintended agency default risk or runaway risk. Unlike these traditional institutions, 3percent does not require investors to deposit the capital into the company’s account. In fact, customers deposit the money into their own crypto exchange account (e.g. Binance) and let 3percent’s AI trading bot connect through an API which only allows read-only trading, not withdrawals. By doing so, the invested capital is safe with 3percent throughout the entire trading period.

2) Price volatility

Many people say that cryptocurrency is a risky asset type because the average price of crypto is more volatile than that of stock. High volatility is risky only if an investor buys the asset at one batch, holds, and speculates. However, if you know how to use the volatility to maximize the gain, it could be the best environment or condition to make a sizable profit. In fact, 3percent utilizes a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy to take advantage of the impact of volatility in the crypto market. (We will explain how 3percent utilizes DCA in more detail in a different article.)

Not only is crypto more volatile, but the tradable period of crypto is also a lot longer than that of stock. The crypto market is open 24/7, 365 days, while the stock market is open for around 8 hours on weekdays only, meaning that the 3percent AI trading bot utilizing DCA in a crypto market can work for you all the time by managing the level of risk, yet delivering impactful profit.

2. Liquidity

If you invest in any type of fund through financial institutions, you may have to pay the upfront cost and commission as a percentage of assets under management (AUM). Those could easily already consume 1–2% of your capital, making you hold the fund for a long period to make a profit or sometimes end up with a loss. There is also a minimum period that you must keep the fund, and it could be from 6 months to several years.

However, 3percent doesn’t charge any upfront setup fee and the revenue model is commission-based on the incremental profit only. And this commission is charged monthly; if you are not satisfied with the 3percent product, you can disconnect the bot and cash out at any time since you never deposit anything to us.

3. Visibility

The thing that most investors are worried about when investing in any funds is whether the fund is really operated as planned in the brochure. Indeed, there have been so many scam cases where even credible financial institutions operated the fund in completely different, risky asset classes, thus, most of the capital evaporated. This happens because investors usually do not have visibility on what these financial institutions do. They are normally sent monthly reports about the percentage of asset classes in which the fund is invested, but these could be also fake.

Unlike these traditional investing agencies, 3percent only provides an API connection to the AI trading bot. Once the fund is deposited to each customer’s Binance account and connected to the 3percent AI trading bot, the customer can see all real-time trading transparently from day 1.

4. Profit

A savings account provides you with around 1–2% interest per annum, and a high-performing ETF can provide you with around a 10% return per annum, which is considered outstanding. If you find a capable fund manager, you might get about a 20% return annually. However, these high-performing asset classes charge you quite a significant commission no matter what the result is. Sometimes the return is negative, but they still charge the fixed amount based on the AUM.

Based on the data from approximately the last year, the 3percent AI trading bot has delivered an average 3% monthly return which cumulates to a 36% annual return. 3percent is also confident in making more or less the same profit level in the future through the AI bot, which gets smarter by adding more market data. There is no upfront setup fee whatsoever with 3percent. The only cost that investors must pay is the commission on the incremental profit per month. No profit means no revenue for the company, and thus we will try our best to deliver the promised return to grow together with you.

If you sign up for 3percent with this link, your first trading month commission fee will be waived. I hope that you join this new passive income wealth management solution.

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