The Unique Value Proposition of 3PCT: Pioneering a New Dimension in the Crypto Marketplace

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4 min readJun 19, 2023

At 3percent Holdings, our goal isn’t merely to introduce another token into the crowded crypto space. Instead, our vision is to pioneer an ecosystem that ties together artificial intelligence (AI) trading, incubation consultancy services, and a groundbreaking fundraising platform. The vehicle for this innovative journey? The forthcoming 3PCT Token.

The 3PCT Token, designed to be the backbone of our ecosystem, will add value at every interaction point. Unlike traditional utility tokens, it’s not planned as just a mode of transaction but as an access pass to our suite of services and platforms.

A Future Token Beyond Trading

The 3PCT Token, upon its introduction, is planned to be much more than just a transactional medium. It’s intended to be deeply integrated into our AI-powered trading platform, giving future token holders unique advantages and benefits. The token isn’t just about buying and selling — it’s about bringing a new level of intelligence to your trading strategy.

Unlocking Optimized Trading Strategies

The heart of our AI trading platform is its ability to continually learn and adapt, optimizing trading strategies for maximum profit. The upcoming 3PCT Token will be designed to provide privileged access to these AI-crafted strategies, acting as a key that unlocks the potential of machine learning to supercharge your trading decisions.

Expert Insights at Your Fingertips

Future holders of the 3PCT Token will have exclusive access to expert insights. We plan to leverage the collective wisdom of our team of market analysts and data scientists to provide token holders with forecasts, analysis, and trading suggestions. These insights, born out of deep market understanding and cutting-edge analytical techniques, will aim to give you an edge in the fast-moving crypto world.

Exclusive Features and Trading Discounts

The benefits don’t stop there. Holding 3PCT Tokens will mean you get to enjoy exclusive features on our platform — think priority access to new tools, beta testing opportunities, and personalized customer support. Furthermore, 3PCT Token holders can expect to benefit from trading discounts, reducing their cost per transaction. This will create a rewarding cycle — the more you engage with our platform, the more value you get from your 3PCT Tokens.

A Key to Future Incubation Consultancy

The world of startups is full of promise, but it’s also packed with challenges. As we venture into providing incubation consultancy services in 2024, holding a 3PCT Token will give you access to this lifeline for businesses in their early growth stages.

Leverage an Extensive Network

At 3percent, we’re building a solid network within the fintech industry and beyond. As we introduce these services, the 3PCT Token will provide a means to leverage this network for your startup’s benefit.

Expert Guidance for Startups

We are assembling a team of experts to offer professional advice to help startups navigate the complex business landscape, providing insights into effective growth strategies, potential market opportunities, and fundraising techniques.

Secure Fundraising Opportunities

Come 2025, the 3PCT Token will serve a unique role in our forthcoming fundraising platform. We aim to connect startups with potential investors, helping them pitch their ideas and secure the vital funds they need to grow.

A Bridge to Future Fundraising

The 3PCT Token is poised to stand out in the crypto marketplace by playing a unique and pivotal role in our future fundraising platform. It will be more than just a token for trading or incubation services — it will be a key that opens the door to ambitious projects seeking capital to fuel their growth.

Connecting Projects with Potential Investors

At 3percent, we understand the power of blockchain technology to connect and accelerate growth. Our unique fundraising platform, built around the 3PCT Token, will exemplify this concept. Token holders will have the opportunity to showcase their projects directly to a community of potential investors who also understand the value of blockchain and its transformative potential.

The Power of Blockchain to Fuel Growth

The traditional investment world can be slow and bureaucratic. Blockchain technology offers a solution to these challenges, and the 3PCT Token will be at the forefront of this revolution.

More Than Just a Token

In essence, by planning to hold the 3PCT Token, you’re not just investing in crypto — you’re investing in a dynamic, expansive ecosystem that is set to redefine how we engage with finance and technology. Explore our vision at

Be a part of our story, and join us in reshaping the financial landscape.

— 3percent team



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