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2 min readOct 30, 2022

3percent is an AI-powered crypto trading SaaS (Software as a Service) that trades on your behalf 24/7, and aims to generate a 3% ROI monthly. We would like to be your friend in achieving financial freedom by having passive income as another source of income.

3percent strongly values transparency. We believe that trust can be gained from being transparent. Therefore, our unique business model allows our customers to have full control over their assets. This article will elaborate on what is the user experience when joining 3percent.

These 3 main points of how 3percent works is what makes 3percent unique:

  1. Customers have total control of their assets

Customers can choose how much to deposit into the account as the initial balance. 3percent provides flexibility to our customers by offering multiple plans and pricing. Visit here for more information about our available options for plans and pricing.

Moreover, customers can choose to opt in/opt out any time that they feel like to. As our bot only trades via Read-only API, your money is 100% safe and is totally under your control.

2. 3percent only charge customers based on the trading performance

Customers will only have to pay 3percent commission fee based on profit in each trading month (trading performance). If the return in that trading month is not positive, customers do not have to pay anything to 3percent.

Therefore, signing up with 3percent is very simple with minimal steps required. Customers will only have to make payments on those positive trading months. An invoice will be sent to your email.

3. Customers can view their past trading performance and history with full transparency

At the end of each trading month, 3percent will generate performance report, showing all the numbers with full transparency. The report will show every number such as Net Gain, Net Deposit, Beginning balance, Average trade balance for the period, ROI for the period, etc.

3percent will also generate an invoice that requires simple steps for the customers to pay to 3percent if the trading month return is positive. The invoice will clearly show how much is the trading invoice and when is it due. All you have to do is click Pay Now and complete payment steps under 3 minutes!

3percent believes that the aforementioned 3 qualities are what makes 3percent unique. Our goal is to be your friend in having passive income. With minimal effort from customers, we can grow together in achieving the goal of having a source of passive income.

Let 3percent be your friend in earning passive income. Looking forward to having you as a part of 3percent community.

— 3percent team



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