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3 min readSep 4, 2022

As mentioned in the last article, investment is an alternative path of putting your money to build wealth. 3percent team encourages everyone to invest and build another source of income, passive income.

There are several types to investment that we can do — stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, real estate, etc. The next question that will come into mind would then be “then what is the best way to invest?”

There is no wrong or right answer on which type of investment is the best. Each investment products have their pros and cons. Individuals can evaluate based on their preferences and style.

In this article, 3percent will provide some tips of what are the categories that you can consider when evaluating which type of investment should you invest on and how 3percent can help investing much easier for you!

3percent has summarized that there are 5 major categories you should consider when making investments decision.

  1. Risk — every investment types has its own kind of risk. Some types of investment might require customers to deposit capitals in their own account. This can lead to runaway risk.
  2. Price volatility — each investment types has its own price volatility, some are considered very high volatility, but may come with high return. Some options with lower price volatility might not have as high return, but more secured and stable.
  3. Liquidity — asset under management (AUM) can indicate how easy/hard the fund can be traded. Multiple funds under financial institution will require customers to pay upfront fee and commission and minimum period of investment, which could already consume ~1–2% of customer’s capital.
  4. Visibility — when investing in funds, usually investors would not have the visibility to view the activities of what the financial institution is doing with the fund. We have seen that there were cases that most of the capital in the fund evaporated after the fund manager traded in risky asset classes, which does not comply with what was stated in the advertisement.
  5. ROI (Return on Investment) — with different risk comes different returns. Normal saving accounts can give ~1–2% interest per annum, high performing funds can give ~10% interest per annum. However, with funds, there comes high commission fee regardless of the fund performance, but based on the AUM.

How 3percent can help

  1. Risk — 3percent does not require customers to put in their own capital in our account. Customers can control their own capital in their own wallet. 3percent helps you trade by using our proprietary AI-powered trading bot via read-only trading API. Your invested capital is 100% safe when trading with 3percent.
  2. Price volatility — we took our first step in the crypto market. Though this market is known for high price volatility, but we know how to maximize gain under volatility market. Our trading bot leverages dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy to maximize the profit in this volatile market. We trade on your behalf 24/7 as the crypto market is always open. 3percent would like to maximize trading profit for our customers.
  3. Liquidity — 3percent does not charge any upfront cost and we our revenue model is by commission according to trading performance (incremental profit). Our commission fee is on monthly basis and customers can disconnect our trading bot anytime when they feel like they would like to cash out the assets.
  4. Visibility — since 3percent trading bot is read-only that is connected with customer’s own account, the trading history is very transparent to the customers. Customers are able to see transaction/trading history since the first day.
  5. ROI (Return on Investment) — based on our trading history data, 3percent is able to delivered an average of 3% monthly return, 36% return per annum. 3percent never stops to train our AI-powered trading bot to consume more market data to result in higher trading performance for our customers. 3percent will try our best to deliver the promised return and grow together with our customers.

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