3percent grows together with our valued customers: How 3percent referral program works

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2 min readOct 2, 2022

3percent, AI-powered trading SaaS, understands the importance of being ‘wealthy’ than ‘rich’ (as explained in this article). Therefore, we would like to be your friend in achieving financial freedom by gaining passive income. Our AI-powered trading bot trades on behalf of you 24/7.

Throughout 3percent first operating year, we have proven that our product has been helping our valued customers to gain passive income by delivering 36% cumulative trading profit. Our current trading volume is over 100M USD, and we are constantly growing, serving customers from over 10 countries.

3percent wouldn’t have come this far without the support and trust from our valued customers. Therefore, 3percent has a special model of referral program. We grow together with our valued customers.

How 3percent referral program works?

3percent takes another step towards expanding our customer network. Instead of having a single time referral bonus, our referral program will allow referrer to earn recurring referral bonus. When referring friends to 3percent, referrer will earn recurring monthly referral bonus.

3percent strongly value the concept of growing with our customers. Customers will only have to pay us commission fee based on profit in each trading month (trading performance). If the return in that trading month is not positive, customers do not have to pay anything to 3percent.

By referring your friends to join 3percent, in addition to the earnings from your own deposit, you can also earn recurring referral bonus. As long as your referees stays as 3percent customers and profits in that trading month, a portion of their commission fees paid to 3percent, will be constantly shared with you EVERY MONTH as a referral bonus on top of earnings from trading.

The more referees a referrer refers, the more source of earnings the referrer will gets.

Looking forward to growing with all of you.

— 3percent team



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